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About Us

TrafficSeo is a reputable Website Traffic Supplier, SEO Service Provider and Marketing Company since in 2004. We help new and established businesses increase revenue and dominate the market they are in. With growing number of businesses moving online, the competition keeps getting higher. Our goal is to give businesses the edge they need to stay profitable for a very long time.

Our service is a perfect tool for websites to grow extremely fast.- Thomas Goldstein (CEO)


Our website traffic is 100% legit! We do not provide junk like the other sites who claim to give you bulk traffic for a ridiculously low price. We do not use Robots and we are Panda safe and Penguin safe.

Our traffic is priced right which is way below the current market price than established advertisers (our competitors). So you’re basically paying 50% less than what you would pay them and it’s pretty much the same source of traffic.

Off-topic: Did you know Apple uses the same technology as Samsung? Apple is double the price.

Real Human Visits to your Website

Your traffic analytics will register every single visit that we send from near 100% unique IPs. These visitors are actual internet surfers like you and I who browses the net for communications, transactions and receiving and sending information.

These page views have Lower Bounce Rate compared to our competitors. Basically, people spend more time on your page which sends a signal to Search Engines that the content on your site is high quality and relevant.

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  • Google Penguin friendly
  • Lower Bounce Rate than competitors
  • Near 100% Unique Views
  • We don’t use Bots to generate traffic
  • From legitimate advertising network
  • Best Adwords alternative
  • 24/7 Professional Support Team
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Accepts Paypal, Visa, Master Card, more
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What our Clients have to say about us?

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TrafficSeo’s popunder traffic is absolutely worth the investment. The traffic that I got for my website registered low bounce rate and it really helped my site rank high in Google.- iPhone Unlock

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I just want to say thanks to for helping me not only boost my IMDb ranking, they also boosted my Acting career! Thank you!- Kym (actress)


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Target Any Countries, Niche, Language and Day

Having the ability to focus your ad campaign on specific countries and niche allows you to maximize your the return on your investment. For example if your e-commerce website online delivers to US residents, then you are likely to get betterВ conversionВ if you target US internet surfers.

When it comes to generating visitors that would like the content of your site, it’s better to target the categories that is related to your niche. For example, if your website is teaching people about making money, then it’s better to target the “marketing” niche.

Targeted traffic can cost more than the standard Worldwide traffic that is focused on general categories.

If you are simply just wanting to generate traffic to give your website Alexa rating boost, then you are better off purchasing traffic from Worldwide visitors. The cost of this type of traffic is significantly lower than targeted countries.


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